Dog boarding costs

$50/night per dog
(We bill the same way a hotel would in that
whether you "check-in" in the morning or afternoon,
if you do not "check-out" by 10 am,
you are charged for another night's stay.)

Does not include food (you supply at drop off)

Complimentary meet & greet to put your mind
at ease before leaving your pet with us

A trial overnight is required for all new boarders before any extended stays are reserved.

A deposit will be required at time of booking;
one night stay, full deposit at time of reservation
two or more nights, 1/2 deposit at time of reservation
balance due at drop off

Full refund of deposit if cancellation is made 30+ days in advance of drop off
Full forfeit of deposit if cancelled 15-29 days in advance
Full forfeit of entire fee if cancelled within 14 days of drop off

About our service

Our house is open to our canine guests to roam and explore. Furniture is not off limits, although there are plenty of dog beds too. You just let us know what your house rules are (if any), and we will try to enforce them here too. Otherwise, they can make themselves at home and get comfortable for their stay.

We have a lot of property to explore – although we never let the dogs out unattended. There is a fenced in portion of the yard, in case your dog is not used to being in wide open spaces, and you're concerned they'll run off. They will be guided there on leash, and then set free to run within the fenced area. If your dog likes a good fetching session in a wide open field, and you are not afraid they will run off, we can offer that as well. If your dog is used to being leash walked, and is not a big fan of the outdoors, we can accomodate that too.

All dogs must be neutered or spayed, completely housebroken, do not "mark" indoors.

What to expect

Complimentary Meet & Greet

We will set up an appointment with you to meet and greet our new guest. You'll meet our two labs, we'll show you around and answer any questions you may have.

For new boarders, prior to any extended stay of 3 or more days, a "trial overnight" will need to be scheduled at the cost of one night's stay.

Make a reservation

Once we have a look at our calendar, we will confirm dates with you. We never like to overbook. As you become a return customer, we will get to know your dog's personality and how it interracts with other dogs. We like to keep all the personalities of our guests in mind when booking.

Drop Off

We will coordinate a set time for you to drop off your dog between the hours of 8-10 am and 4-6 pm. Please remember to bring your dog's food. We don't want anyone getting sick due to a rapid change in diet. If you have any special instructions, requests, or emergency contact numbers, please bring them along, or email them.

We asked that if you are running late, you text us with your eta as soon as possible. We try to coordinate introducing the new dog to the others outdoors, so that no one becomes territorial within the confines of the house. We try not to overlap appointments, so that everyone has their own time. To that note, we ask that you are considerate in adhering to the scheduled time.

Their Stay

We don't want to bother you during your time away from your pet, and won't call unless there's an emergency. If you'd like to receive an occasional text message with a status update, we can do that.
If your dog is prone to acting aggressively, then this is not the place to board him/her. Our dogs' safety, as well as the welfare of our guests, are top priority. If we find that we've been left with an aggressive pet, we will bring him to our veterinarian for boarding in their own crate, at the owner's expense, in addition to our nightly fee.

Pick Up

We will coordinate a set time for you to pick up your dog. Pickups are scheduled between the hours of 8-10 am and 4-6 pm.

A look at our home and facilities

This is truly a house in the countryside – lots of land on a quiet country road...the smell of grass and trees and sounds of birds and crickets. Our dogs occasionally spend time in NYC, but they have become so used to "country living," that they are not thrilled with the idea of getting in the car and heading south. Once you see our facilities, you'll know why they feel that way!

airdogBnB is a totally awesome place to board your dog.
They will have the best time staying with us, and will look forward to coming back!