About Us

We're at a point in our lives with no more (human) children at home. We love being surrounded by four-legged friends, and now have plenty of time to spend with them. For the most part, they come when you call them, eat what you feed them, are happy to see you, don't talk back...heck, they can be better than having kids around!

airdogBnB was started because whenever we went on vacation and had to board our dogs, we always had a little bit of that "sick feeling" in our stomachs leaving them behind. Who wants to board their dog in a crate all day, like at some facilities? Surely, they wouldn't be getting the attention they're used to. We only wished we could leave our two pups with another dog owner who obviously took great care of their pets and  had a place like our home.

So airdogBnB came into being with the hopes that our clients will feel an unmatched level of comfort in leaving their beloved pet with us. We want return customers. We want people to recommend us. Most importantly, we want your dog's tail to wag when they pull into our driveway, and you to feel relieved when you drive off without them.


A graphic designer who works from home, and loves having a dog under her desk while she works! There's no better excuse to get up from sitting at a computer for awhile than to toss a frisbee or take a walk.


Our dogs can't wait for Tom to come home because they know that means play time! He spoils our dogs rotten, and the more dogs around, the merrier he is.


Adopted from The Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Sherlock is the most gentle, affectionate and welcoming dog you'll ever meet. He loves having company and is so excited when he meets a new friend.


She is the athlete in the family; always wanting to run and fetch. Ellie is very good at sharing her frisbees and balls with our guests. She loves the competition of chasing, but is never aggressive when she has met her match.

About our home

We're suckers for dogs. They have plenty of room indoors. And yes, we'll admit, furniture is not off limits. If your dog is used to cuddling up on a sofa, we would never shoo them off.

We have a lot of property for your dog to explore – although never let outdoors unattended. There is a fenced in portion of the yard, in case your dog is not used to being in wide open spaces. There's no reason to be concerned they'll run off.

Our home is in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Clinton Corners (Dutchess County), NY. Conveniently located off the Taconic State Parkway. If you're not local, it is certainly worth the drive.

Our hours

Drop off

by appointment only | between 8-10 am and 4-6 pm

Pick up

by appointment only | between 8-10 am and 4-6 pm

What to Expect

Once you contact us with your planned dates, we will check our calendar and confirm with you. A deposit will be required at that time. (See Boarding & Costs for information on deposits and cancellation policy.)

We will set up an appointment with you to meet and greet our new guest. You'll meet our two labs, we'll show you around and answer any questions you may have. We want to make sure that all dog personalities are compatible.

For new boarders, prior to any extended stay of 3 or more days, a "trial overnight" will need to be scheduled at the cost of one night's stay.

Please understand that if your dog is prone to acting aggressively, then this is not the place to board him/her. Our dogs' safety, as well as the welfare of our guests, are top priority. If we find that we've been left with an aggressive pet that cannot be handled, you will be notified to make alternative arrangements.

Our dogs and guests have a regular schedule of eating and time to relieve themselves outdoors. We like to know ahead of time what your dog's tendencies are, so we can accomodate what they're used to. Several times during the day, the dogs are let out into our fenced in area of the yard so they can run, play, and explore. There is always human supervision during outdoor time.

They are never crated unless that is something that your dog requires (and you supply the crate), or if they become ill or need to be separated from the rest of the pack.

While we understand that some dogs must be leash walked to the fenced in area, we must also be able to get them to come to us in the open area when it's time to go in. We cannot spend the majority of our day chasing one dog around. So if recall skills are not present, and treats don't even work, we are not able to have your dog stay with us.

We will coordinate drop off and pick up times with you.

You may drop off and pick up your dog between the hours of 8-10 am or 4-6 pm, by specific appointment only.

We asked that if you are running late, you text us with your eta as soon as possible. We try to coordinate introducing the new dog to the others outdoors, so that no one becomes territorial within the confines of the house. We try not to overlap appointments, so that everyone has their own time. To that note, we ask that you are considerate in adhering to the scheduled time.

airdogBnB is a totally awesome place to board your dog.
They will have the best time staying with us, and will look forward to coming back!