Dog boarding

Our "dog den" has several dog beds and furniture that your dog will surely find a spot of his/her own to get comfortable. You are also welcome to bring his/her own bed, if they are particular or want a piece of their own home with them during the stay.

For the most part, someone is always home with them.
The dogs are never left alone for more than a few hours at a time, while we may have to run errands.

Daily Routine

The dogs are let out several times during the day.
Love to fetch? No problem!
Like to sniff around? Lots of yard for that!
Want to chase or be chased? Plenty of time for that!

Feeding times

Your dog will be fed as they are used to; 1x/day or 2x/day.
If they are grazers, they will be presented with their food a few times throughout the day, however it can not just be left out for others to eat.
(Owner supplies food at drop off).

Water bowls are always full.

Our happy dogs

Friends tell us they "wish they had our dogs' life!" We'll admit it...they are spoiled rotten!
We'll treat your dog with the same love and care we give our own. We've had hundreds of canine guests who are always happy to return.

Testimonials from previous guests

A wagging tail speaks more than words. Here's what some dog owners have said about us:

airdogBnB is a totally awesome place to board your dog.
They will have the best time staying with us, and will look forward to coming back!